Sino-German Bioeconomy BMBF ReMatBuilt Project 2nd Meeting

The second meeting of the BMBF Sino-German joint project ReMatBuilt was successfully held online on November 23, 2020 under the cooperation of our German partners and Chinese partners. Partners including Dr. Torsten Kolb and Mr. Norbert Rüther from Department of Centre for Light and Environmentally-Friendly Structures ZELUBA®, Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research WKI; Prof. Bohumil Kasal, Jun. Prof. Dr. Libo Yan, Ms. Wenzhuo Ma and Mr. Bo Wang from Fraunhofer WKI or iBMB TU Braunschweig; Dr. Chang Gao, Ms. Yutong Wang and Mr. Hanwen Zhang from Prof. Liang Huang’s research group at School of Civil Engineering, Hunan University (China); Mr. Xing Fan, Ms. Qi Gao and many other colleagues from Xuchang Jinke Resource Recycling Co. Ltd. (China); Mr. Moritz Micke-Camuz from Department of Application Centre for Wood Fibre Research HOFZET®, Fraunhofer WKI; Mr. Peter Meinlschmidt from Department of Technology for Wood and Natural Fiber-Based Materials, Fraunhofer WKI; Mr. Arnd Raschel and Ms. Stephanie Kisker from Entsorgungstechnik-Bavaria GmbH, Waste Disposal, Recycling and Sorting Technology; Dr. Eduard Kern from Advanced Compounding Rudolstadt GmbH; Mr. Oskar Meyer from AgroMaterialSupport took part in the meeting. Our German and Chinese partners were welcomed by Prof. Dr. Bohumil Kasal and Jun. Prof. Dr. Libo Yan.


In the six-hour’s virtual meeting, all the partners introduced their organizations, and delivered presentations about their tasks and results within this project and the completion status. Furthermore, next step and issues of the interim report were also discussed. Partners were inspired in the discussions and new ideas for further cooperation were initiated.  The virtual meeting was organised and moderated by the project coordinator Jun. Prof. Libo Yan with the support from our doctoral students Ms. Wenzhuo Ma and Mr. Bo Wang.


The ReMatBuilt project was started from 01-03-2020 and will last for 36 months, which was funded by BMBF (German Federal Ministry of Education and Research): via Projektträger Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH (PTJ). Jun. Prof. Dr. Libo Yan is project coordinator and leader.

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