Research groups and topics

Through the iBMB document pool you can download short research reports of the iBMB and MPA Braunschweig. You will find the reports sorted by topics.



Structure of Construction Materials

  • Properties of wood and and wood-based materials
  • Combination of wood with high performance composites
  • Interface properties between organic and inorganic construction materials
  • Properties of the cement stone/aggregate interface
  • Kinetics of inhomogeneous deformation phenomena in inorganic and polymeric construction materials
  • Structural functioning of polymeric additives in cement bounded concrete (PCC)
  • Wetting behavior of injecting resins on crack surfaces and microstructure of the adhesion zone

Construction Materials Technology

  • Wood-composite combinations
  • Concrete Recycling
  • Polymer Modified  Construction Concrete (PCC)

Corrosion of Construction Materials

  • Corrosion of wood connections
  • Corrosion of concrete under sulfate impact
  • Corrosion of metal under chloride exposure

Building Renovation

  • In-Situ evaluation of construction timber
  • Semi-destructive and non-destructive methods for the evaluation of wood properties
  • Polymer modified concrete replacement systems
  • Force-fitting injection of concrete cracks
  • Proofing injection of concrete cracks
  • Surface protection systems for concrete

Environmental Engineering

  • Asbestos Cement Recycling
  • Stabilization of harmful substances
  • Polymeric coating of disposal areas and their drainage
  • Disposal of toxic fumes

Organization Chart

The organization chart shows the correlation between the research groups and the technical equipment organized into pools. For personnel connected to the research sector, this is a vital basis for activities in the field of damage analysis. The damage analysis activities provide an essential connection to building practice and is consulted by employers as well as by industy clients to solve material induced problems.

Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research (WKI)

Due to the connection of the departement with the WKI, the following research topics are supported:

State-of-the-art equipment and laboratories are available